Sports & Fitness Zone

Get active and energized at the Sports & Fitness Zone, where fitness enthusiasts discover the latest gear, training techniques, and wellness solutions.
Benefits for Brands:
Showcase your sports equipment, fitness apparel, and wellness products to an active audience of athletes and health enthusiasts. Increase brand awareness and drive sales.
Experiential Features:
Participate in fitness challenges, workout sessions, and wellness workshops. Test-drive the latest sports gear, attend athlete meet-and-greets, and discover new training methods.
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Engagement Opportunities:

Share your fitness journey on social media. Participate in fitness challenges and sports competitions for exciting prizes.

Exclusive Offers:

Enjoy exclusive discounts and deals on sports apparel, fitness equipment, and wellness products.>

Trends and Insights:

Stay up-to-date on fitness trends, workout routines, and wellness trends with

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What to expect from the Sports & Fitness Zone!



  • Cutting-edge sports technology and fitness innovations shaping the industry.
  • Presentation of advanced fitness equipment and digital tools for health and wellness.
  • Vendors specializing in sports gear, fitness wearables, and smart gym solutions.


  • Immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge sports tech and fitness advancements.
  • Explore innovative solutions like smart gym equipment and AI-powered fitness apps.
  • Engage with experts to understand the future of sports technology and personalized fitness experiences.

Visit the Sports and Fitness Zone @ GCE for a transformative journey into the realm of sports technology and wellness!

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