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Are you a thought leader, industry expert, or innovator with a compelling story to share? Seize the opportunity to speak at the Global Consumer Expo and showcase your expertise to a captive audience of industry professionals, consumers, and enthusiasts.

Benefits of Speaking:


Benefits of Speaking:

  • Gain visibility and credibility as a thought leader in your field. Position yourself as an authority and influencer within your industry.
  • Showcase your brand, products, and services to a targeted audience of potential customers, partners, and collaborators.
  • Network with fellow speakers, exhibitors, and attendees. Forge valuable connections, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.
  • Elevate your brand's presence and reputation in the marketplace. Strengthen your brand's positioning and differentiation in a competitive landscape.

Speaking Opportunities by Zone:

Fashion & Apparel Zone:

Share insights into the latest fashion trends, style tips, and brand storytelling strategies. Discuss the intersection of fashion, technology, and sustainability.

Technology & Gadgets Zone:

Present cutting-edge innovations, tech trends, and disruptive technologies shaping the future. Explore topics such as AI, IoT, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.

Health & Wellness Zone:

Offer expertise on holistic health, wellness trends, and preventive care strategies. Discuss the importance of mindfulness, nutrition, and mental well-being in today's fast-paced world.

Home & Lifestyle Zone:

Provide insights into home decor trends, interior design hacks, and smart living solutions. Share tips on creating a stylish and functional living space that reflects personal taste and lifestyle.

Food & Beverage Zone:

Delve into the culinary world with discussions on food trends, gastronomy, and sustainable dining. Showcase innovative food and beverage products, cooking techniques, and flavor profiles.

Travel & Leisure Zone:

Inspire wanderlust with travel tales, destination highlights, and adventure experiences. Explore emerging travel trends, eco-friendly tourism, and immersive cultural experiences.

Entertainment & Leisure Zone:

Engage audiences with captivating stories, entertainment insights, and pop culture trends. Discuss the impact of entertainment on consumer behavior, brand engagement, and social media.

How to Apply:

Submit your speaker proposal outlining your topic, expertise, and relevance to the Global Consumer Expo audience. Provide details of your speaking experience, credentials, and any supporting materials.

Speakers will be selected based on their expertise, relevance to the expo themes, and ability to deliver engaging and informative presentations.

Selected speakers will receive complimentary expo passes, exposure on expo marketing materials, and networking opportunities with industry leaders and influencers.

Join the Conversation:

Be part of the dialogue on social media using the hashtag #GCE2024. Connect with fellow speakers, exhibitors, and attendees to share insights, engage in discussions, and amplify your message.

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